Find It or Get Lost: Motorcycle Scavenger Hunt to Win a $500 Gift Card & More

Frank Pain

We are currently in the heart of riding season, here in Texas, and we have an exciting riding challenge to win up to $500 in Kent's gift cards. You might remember this from our past, but the challenge is called "Find It or Get Lost". 

What is Find It or Get Lost?

Basically, it's a scavenger hunt (of sorts) where we give you clues to a certain city/destination, and you either find it or get lost. Granted, we don't want you actually to get lost, so you'll want to put on your thinking cap before you hit the road with our clues. 

How Do I Play 'Find It or Get Lost'?

Beginning Saturday, May 25th, you (and your rider, if you have one) can sign up at Kent's Harley-Davidson at 3106 S Clack in Abilene. There is no fee, it's free to enter and at registration, we'll give you (and your rider) a free 60th anniversary Koozie.

Determine your destinations based on the clues and hit the road.

When you arrive at each destination, take a photo of yourself with the Koozie as proof that you actually rode to your "answer". The Koozie will be proof that your photo isn't old and was taken during this challenge. All photos must have you, the appropriate city sign or marker, and your Kent's 60th anniversary Koozie. All destinations are within an easy day's ride and you should be able to knock out multiple destinations in a single trip.

Depending on the number of correct answers you get, your name will go into a drawing for a Kent's gift card at different levels:

  • Less than 10 correct answers: 5 winners will each receive a $50 Kent's gift card
  • 10-14 correct answers: 5 winners will each receive a $100 Kent's gift card 
  • 15-19 correct answers: 3 winners will each receive a $250 Kent's gift card 
  • 20 or more correct answers: 2 winners will each receive a $500 Kent's gift card

To be eligible for the drawings, you must turn in your answers and photos at Kent's between June 15th and noon on June 22nd.

The winners for each category will be drawn/announced at 5 pm on June 22nd, 2024.

Everyone who completes the challenge (regardless of the amount of correct answers) will receive a 60th-anniversary challenge coin.

Just a heads up, it is possible that some of our clues can have more than one possible answer, but there will only be one correct answer which is predetermined and non-negotiable. We will not reveal any of the correct answers/destinations until the challenge is complete on June 22nd, 2024. 

If you're ready to ride stop by Kent's today to get signed up.